11/6/2018 is the big day and we are not sure how great the need in the community will be. We do have paid advertisements running on social media to generate awareness and calls are coming in scheduling for tomorrow. Please do your best keep an eye on your phone.  As people in your selected zip codes reach out to us we will be contacting you. If someone in your selected zip code calls in we message all drivers that signed up for that zip code at the same time. Whomever responds first gets the ride.


All polling places are open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM on Election Day. If you get someone in line by 7:30 PM, they will be allowed to vote. 

Driver FAQs

How It Works


If a rider doesn’t know where the address to their designated polling place you can search their registration by clicking HERE 


Most voters do not need to show ID – but if they are a first-time voter in the county they may need to show some type of ID.


A voter can also remain in a car and vote from the curbside of the polling place if they would have difficulty going inside, due to age or a physical disability. A poll worker will bring the ballot to the car.