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The measure of a nonprofit’s success is not money in the bank, but the impact of its

work. GCR was established to deliver services and address social problems. We ask the reader to acknowledge that revenue is important – without it the GCR can’t operate and the mission can’t be met.


Around the world, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurial companies have business

plans, make profits and pay good wages, yet are legally incorporated as ‘nonprofit’. They are a

bold response to the myth and misunderstanding that nonprofits/charities cannot make money.

NFP organizations are increasingly generating their own revenue through the sale of goods and

services (Salamon et al., 2013), as opposed to the traditional ‘nonprofit’ approach of depending

on volunteers, grants and philanthropy.


To fund the work Greater Charlotte Rise (GCR) has set out to do, it is imperative that

GCR generates its own income. We have developed Gentrified Weed, a low-cost startup that falls under the GCR umbrella. With a focus on income generation, Gentrified Weed profits will all be reinvested into mission-related uses. This allows our community to support the public service that we provide and fosters a beautiful symbiotic relationship.


The public television tote bag became a staple of pledge weeks in the 1980s. But from the 1980s on, pledge drives have ballooned in frequency and length. So we decided to offer you our version of the tote in return for your generosity. Depending on your membership level donors can choose a hemp gift, wearable swage, or usable clutter!

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